A Polymath—the Greek word for Renaissance Man—is someone who excels in many disciplines. The New Polymath is an enterprise comfortable with multiple technologies and is packaging 3, 5, 10 strands of infotech, cleantech, healthtech, biotech and nanotech to create innovative new products and solutions. Eight case studies – BP CTO, Cognizant, GE, Kleiner Perkins’ cleantech, National Hurricane Center, Plantronics, salesforce.com, and W.R. Hambrecht – show how enterprises are leveraging a wide range of technologies to solve day to day issues and the “Grand Challenges” the world faces. The book also categorizes 11 “building blocks” these Polymaths leverage–next–generation analytics, cloud computing, sustainability, disruptive economics and others—by showcasing “mini–case studies” of over another hundred innovators, their products and their projects.

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The New Polymath
by Vinnie Mirchandani

These pages are filled with incredible examples of passionate entrepreneurs, established leaders, and multinational companies, innovatively leveraging technology to tackle big problems, “grand challenges,” related to health, hunger, and natural disasters—and of course, information technology. As Mirchandani says, “it’s time for AND not OR”. Read on; be inspired. I’m looking forward to enjoying the future that we create.

Marc Benioff
Chairman & CEO